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Our staff includes experts in a variety of treatment methods, allowing us to offer a wide range of services. We believe in personalizing treatment for each of our patients, adjusting the process to suit their needs and bring them the best possible results.

Medical Team


Veteran’s, I got your back. Single parents, young professionals... I understand your struggles. Teens, college/grad student, you are not alone. None of us should have to suffer in silence. Together we can work toward achieving your goals. 


Being a veteran of 11 years, I have special interests in Veterans, young professionals, underserved populations, and persons going through transitions in life. I desire to serve a diverse community and assuring a safe place for all, growing her practice with all ages, races, religions, and genders.



I’m here to help you explore your feelings and how your body responds to them. These responses may be related to complex life changes, traumatic events, chemical imbalances, or thought processes. We are happy to explore substance use issues with up to date treatment options, as needed.



Qb Test is the most widely used FDA approved objective test for ADHD in the world, Greene Mental Wellness PLLC is revolutionizing care in our community by utilizing this advanced software.

The Qb Test is an FDA-cleared device that accurately measures the core symptoms associated with ADHD including hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention and distractibility. It provides objective data that together with other information will help in the diagnosis of ADHD.

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